16th August 2013

Rob Turner

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Kay Turner’s husband, Rob died of lung cancer in July 2013. He was 71 years old and lived with the disease for two years. Kay describes Rob as a ‘devoted husband, father and grandfather’ and he is sadly missed by all who knew him.

Kay has written a poem called ‘My True Love’ about her experience of losing Rob and had kindly shared it with us.

How long will this feeling last
Of loss and empty spaces
A seat where once you sat each day
Has lost all of your traces

The arms which held me close
When life felt so unfair
Those eyes which spoke of love
Our hopes we both did share

50 years we walked together
Along the road of life
With happiness and heartaches
Together man and wife

Knowing one day one would leave
But hoping when that came
Our lives would be completed
No regrets, no blame

Cancer was the weapon used
To close this life we knew
Two years of fighting the unknown
As to the end it grew

I miss you more each day
Yet know that life of course goes on
Two daughters and two grandsons
Make the living strong

And as I shed another tear
Wishing time could just stand still
Together walk along the shores
Content, with more life to fill

You always said I was so strong
But your strength gave me mine
I’ll try to make you proud again
But it will take some time

Before your name I can say
Dear Rob without a broken heart
Because you were my best friend
Lover, soul mate and life

To my beloved husband
From his devoted wife