RRS Discount

Welcome to the Retro Running Series 2021.

Following the huge success of last year’s Retro Running series, we are bringing it back, bigger and better for 2021.

Here is a little overview of our first Retro Running series in case you missed it.

Our Retro Running Series offered a chance to head back in time and relive your favourite decades. Five Retro virtual runs, visiting the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, and 00s.

Not only did our runners receive an amazing themed medal for each decade, they received a 6th exclusive Ultimate medal to complete their collection. We designed themed technical tops to purchase for each decade too.

Not only that, each runner that signed up received a link to each decades Spotify playlist featuring the biggest hits from each era to keep them motivated during their run and an invite to our Roy’s Runners community Facebook group.

The Retro Running Series was a huge success for the charity and provided a much needed focus for our runners during the pandemic. We can’t wait to bring it back this year.

The Retro Running Series 2021, launches in June, five months and five music genres.

You can run each music genre however you like, one per month or one per week, our series is completely flexible and yours to make your own.

You will receive an exclusive themed medal once your run is complete, a chance to purchase or fundraise for one of our exclusive technical tops as well as a link to the genres Spotify playlist.

As you have visited this webpage via our Inspire magazine, you will receive an exclusive discounted registration fee of £30 and a free Retro Technical top from our past series.

Offer finishes at the end of May, so be quick!

To complete your Retro Running Series 2021 registration please use the form below.