23rd May 2023

Sightseeing at 500ft: 10 sights you can see from the top of the Liverpool Cathedral

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For those of us who live here, it’s no surprise why Liverpool has recently been voted as one of the best places to live in the country. From football to music, green spaces to science and technology, there is so much happening in this glorious city.

And now you can see it all from a totally new perspective. From the top of the Liverpool Cathedral – the highest cathedral in the UK – you’ll be able to see it all in from the breathtaking 360° viewpoint when you take on the Liverpool Cathedral abseil

Check out our top 10 sights you’ll be able to spot when you abseil down the Liverpool Cathedral.

Flying with the Liver Birds

Widely recognised as the icon of the city, the famous Liver Building is certainly in full view from the top of the cathedral. The birds themselves stand an impressive 18ft tall with a wingspan of 24ft. Legend has it that the Liver Bird was a mythical creature that once haunted the city’s shoreline.

Flock to the docks

Opening in 1846, the Albert Dock revolutionised the way docks worked forever. Nowadays, it is home to some of Liverpool’s greatest attractions – from world class art at the Tate Gallery to the iconic Beatles museum. From the heights of the cathedral, you’ll be able to see the multitude of boats cruising around the docks as well as cohorts of coffee and cocktail lovers.

Anfield, Goodison and the new Everton Stadium

Boasting two of the most decorated football teams of all time, abseilers will get to see the homes of both Liverpool and Everton football clubs. Time it right and who knows, you might get to see the first ever goal scored at Everton’s new ground!

Beers in the Baltic

Just a stone’s throw from the cathedral is the trendy Baltic Quarter. Home to some of the best bars in the city, as well as Ghetto Golf, Arcade and the Baltic Market, you’ll get to pick the perfect place to head to once you’ve conquered the cathedral and celebrate your achievement!

An arena fit for Europe (and Australia!)

Home to the recent Eurovision extravaganza, the M&S Bank Arena sits on the River Mersey and regularly hosts world famous artists, comedians and shows. From Cirque de Soleil to Strictly Come Dancing, Ricky Gervais and Madness, the arena will forever hold wonderful memories of music, love and inclusion. #UnitedByMusic

Culture corner

Nestled on the edge of the city centre is the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Central Library and the World Museum. For those who love a dash of culture to their city break, you’ll be spoilt from choice. As the national gallery of the north, the Walker has housed Liverpool’s most outstanding art collections for over 130 years, while the Picton Reading Room is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Add in the exquisite World Museum and you can tick off history, art and culture on your must do list.

A fine counterpart

A mere stroll down Hope Street from the cathedral and you’ll see the iconic and unique building. Affectionally nicked ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’, the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is one of Liverpool’s many listed buildings and is a special sight to see.

The bold and the beautiful

Reminiscent of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Bold Street is bursting with independent food, bars and shops. Once you have descended the cathedral, simply wander down into the city centre and take in the hustle and bustle as you sip your drink of choice.

Tune into the tower

An iconic sight in the Liverpool skyline, St Johns Beacons (aka the Radio City Tower) is hard to miss! Standing 138 meters above sea level, the tower had previously been the tallest building in the city until its crown was taken the 40-storey and 140 metre Beetham West Tower. The Radio City and Greatest Hits Radio Liverpool breakfast shows both currently broadcast from the top of the tower.

£1 if you see the tower!

As kids, holidays to Blackpool were the most anticipated event of the year! We would always try and spot Blackpool Tower and whoever saw it first, won a quid! Believe it or not, on a clear day, Blackpool Tower is actually visible from the top of the Liverpool Cathedral despite being 56 miles away!