15th February 2018

Spotlight on lung cancer

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This week, the BBC shone a much needed spotlight on lung cancer and exposed the disgraceful gap in the money spent on lung cancer research compared to other cancers. This lack of funding is costing people their lives and breaking families apart – including that of mother-of-two, Joanna Marshall.

Lung cancer can affect anyone – men and women, young and old, smoker and non-smoker – and everyone deserves to have the best chance to beat it.

As the only UK charity exclusively dedicated to lung cancer, everything we do is focused solely on this awful disease. Every research project we fund is to help save people with lung cancer or improve their quality of life. And as this video shows, lung cancer research is desperately needed.

If just 1 in 4 people who watch this video donate £20 today then we can fund a new life saving research project for a full year. Give people with lung cancer the chance they deserve.