10th April 2020

Support from the lung cancer frontline

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As a lung cancer nurse specialist, Marie Wilding understands the impact of lung cancer more than most and why the support and help from Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is so vital. However, when her Nan was diagnosed with the disease that appreciation of the services we provide became even more acute.

In these difficult and worrying times, Marie and with her husband, Ryan, have once again pledged their support to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and made a donation to ensure our work can continue. Here’s why:

“Shortly after coming into post as a Lung Cancer Nurse, my nan was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

I had always appreciated the amazing work the charity does to support people living with lung cancer. As part of my role as a lung cancer nurse specialist, I have attended nurse education which Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation funded. This enabled me to then run one of the charity’s many lung cancer support groups.

I also signpost patients to all the other service the charity provides – from financial grants to all its excellent and accessible free literature. It is so important that patients know this charity is here to support them.

When Nan was diagnosed, the support from the charity seemed even more poignant. We all wanted to give something back – Nan included – so Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation became our charity of choice.

We support them at every opportunity we can. My husband, Ryan, became involved with charity runs. He also helped colleagues and I hold a book sale, as well as smaller events such as Christmas raffles. It’s a real team effort.

And now, every year, we make a donation to the charity in memory of Nan on the anniversary of her birthday.

I see people with lung cancer every day. This disease can be devastating so it is absolutely vital we do what we can to support those affected through it.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the only charity providing support solely for all lung cancer patients and the unique challenges and circumstances they face.

There is so much misconception around lung cancer, dangerous misconceptions which have created unfair attitudes and barriers around the disease. Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation challenges these too. It shines a much needed light on this disease by raising awareness through campaigns like HeadHigh.

It is for all these reasons why I will continue to support them and encourage others to do the same.”