26th March 2020

Tackling the coronavirus outbreak – together

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Our researchers are providing key insights and advice on the challenges COVID-19 poses to people living with lung cancer, informing both our own support and also feeding into the pool of scientific advice bring shared worldwide as we all work to deal with the pandemic.

Research staff working at the University of Liverpool are now devoting laboratory facilities to helping in the urgent work being done to tackle the outbreak.

Our labs are also supplying PCR testing equipment to frontline NHS healthcare professionals to help meet the urgent demand:

Dr Mike Davies is one of our research team at the University of Liverpool. He explains how the team is doing what they can to help ease the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people with lung cancer and the general population:

“Our work on lung cancer continues, although our clinical collaborators clearly have other respiratory medicine priorities.

Some of the PCR equipment we purchased as part of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation’s long-term support for our programme is currently on loan to the government centralised COVID-19 testing laboratories. It is great that Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation funding is making an impact there as well.

“Meanwhile, Steph Tate who is part of our team, is volunteering on the University COVID-19 research, using skills she learnt working on our recent Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation studies”.

We are proud that our researchers, our equipment and our expertise are all helping in the worldwide response to COVID-19, particularly given the fact people with lung cancer are amongst the most vulnerable to serious illness should they contract the virus.

Helping people with lung cancer through the pandemic – and beyond

However, please be assured, as the UK only charity representing all people affected by lung cancer, we will always work to ensure more people can be diagnosed early and that more people can live better, for longer. We will make sure people with lung cancer are not forgotten nor overlooked amidst the current clamour.

We are in regular contact with Public Health, the NHS and other cancer charities, ensuring people with lung cancer have access to the latest information and advice. Our Ask the Nurse service is still available if you have any questions, and we are looking for ways to run our information days and support groups services online or by telephone.

We are committed to supporting people with lung cancer every way we can. But need you to help us too.