11th April 2023

Taking the plunge

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Southampton Blood Donor Centre are set to take a cold water dip to raise money for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

20 people, including 13 cold water dippers, will meet at Lee-On-Solent on the 23rd April to brave the elements in support of their colleague Ian, 63, whom recovered from lung cancer treatment last year.

The team’s challenge is to remain in the water for ‘one minute per degree’, so that means with the average sea temperature in April being 9.2°c, they would need to stay in the water for just over nine minutes.

Ian, is unable to take on the task, but will still be there to encourage his friends: “You can guarantee I will be in bits on the day, I will be balling my eyeballs out, that is for sure.

The team are doing this to support me, because of the work I have done for the Roy Castle Foundation in publicising your charity and in that support they’re helping you with donations.”

Ian, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 14th July 2022, after complaining of a persistent cough. Since speaking to us and completing his treatment, he has been given the all clear following his latest scan in January 2023. He uses his story to try and empower others living with lung cancer. and continues to highlight the impact of early diagnosis.

“Becoming a Roy Castle Lung Patient Advocate has given me the opportunity to share my experiences and help someone going through cancer diagnosis, and trying to turn a negative into a positive.

For anyone that has a cough for over a three week period, please get it checked out because in hindsight I wish I would have done it earlier, but I was stubborn (which is me allover) – the earlier it’s caught the easier it can be treated.”

The team hopes to match or even beat the £3,000 they raised when the squad dipped for Cancer Research 12 months prior.

“With that money, I would be happy if it went into more research or supporting someone that has just started their journey – to be honest it’s for Roy Castle to use their discretion , and I know it will be used wisely and sensibly. “

You can read more of Ian’s story here

You can still sponsor TEAM NHSBT’s cold water dip using their JustGivingPage.