13th March 2024

Tamzene and Jerome’s fundraising story

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Tamzene, a talented musician from Scotland, and her older brother Jerome, a nuclear engineer based here in Liverpool, are gearing up for an extraordinary challenge this weekend – running the Liverpool half marathon together!

Their shared love for staying active has transformed into a meaningful goal, allowing them to honour their stepdad, Campbell, who holds a special place in their hearts.

Campbell was more than just a stepdad; he was a pillar of strength and love in their lives, embodying the roles of a father, brother, bandmate, friend, son, and husband with grace and compassion. His vibrant personality, infused with a delightful sense of humour, attentive nature, and profound knowledge of pop music history, endeared him to everyone he encountered. A multi-talented man, Campbell’s hobbies ranged from watercolour painting to playing the saxophone, adding a touch of coolness to his repertoire, and he was renowned for his culinary skills in the kitchen.

However, the spring of 2022 brought a devastating blow as Campbell received his lung cancer diagnosis, which took his life a short time later. 

In honour of Campbell’s memory and inspired by his resilient spirit, Tamzene and Jerome set out to make a difference. Through their fundraising efforts, they have rallied support from their community, raising over £1000 to support Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Their journey towards the Liverpool half marathon has been marked by dedication and perseverance, with months of rigorous training guided by the Strava app, which allows them to track each other’s progress and offer mutual encouragement.

The race itself has been a popular one with runners in the lead-up to the London Marathon. The course begins and ends at the pier head, with a relatively flat route that will take runners through Sefton Park, the Liverpool marina and past the iconic Albert Dock. 

As the race day approaches, Jerome sets his sights on achieving an impressive sub-1.5-hour finish, while Tamzene aims for a commendable sub-2-hour time. Together, they stride forward, fueled by a shared commitment to honour Campbell’s memory and spread a message of hope and resilience.

Through their remarkable journey, Tamzene and Jerome exemplify the power of love, determination, and unity. Their Liverpool half-marathon challenge serves as a tribute to Campbell’s legacy and as a beacon of light, inspiring others to embrace challenges with courage and compassion. In running this race, they carry the spirit of Campbell, a beloved figure whose memory continues to live on in the hearts of all who knew him.

You can support Tamzene and Jerome via their JustGiving page here.