19th April 2018

Tony Sibley

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When I think of dad now I smile instead cry

Engineer and long-time supporter, Tony Sibley, is taking on his first London Marathon in memory of his dad, Tom, something he’d vowed never to do! Let’s hope his boot camp training pays off…

Tony will be taking on his first marathon in memory of his dad, Tom, who died of lung cancer

“It’s five years since dad passed away. He would have been 83. As people say, time changes you. The sadness changes. When I think of him now I smile instead of cry.

“I would love to have one more chat with him though. That was our thing. I’d always call him on my way home from work. We shared the same sense of humour, laughing at silly things and often at others expense! I miss his voice.

“We were lucky enough to see him with our children. Ruby was nearly three when he died and my son, Sam, just six months old. They brought him much joy.

“My kids talk about him all the time, even Sam who surely doesn’t remember him. It makes me really happy to know they still think about him.

“I would love to have one more chat with him though. That was our thing.”
Tony’s dad, Tom, died of lung cancer five years ago

“We have supported Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation since dad died, raising over £25k. We feel it is very much ‘our’ charity.

“I’ve done several Tough Mudder challenges and my wife, Amanda, ran the marathon last year. She’s the reason I’m taking it in this time round. I always said I’d never do a marathon but her efforts totally inspired me and the atmosphere was amazing.

“I’m looking forward to race day. If I’m totally honest, I’m a bit bored with the training now. The weather hasn’t exactly been encouraging! It’s been mainly wet and cold. I’ve done a few runs in the snow and one is a full on blizzard.

“It looks like the weather’s picking up for race day though. I hope it’s not too warm! I sound like goldilocks!”