8th March 2023

Without the help of Quit Support, I wouldn’t have been able to stop smoking

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As part of No Smoking Day 2023, we caught up with Purplehazzy, long term user of our Quit Support forum, to talk about what she loves best about being smokefree.

“I can still remember my last cigarette. It was at dinner time on 27th September 2017.

“But whilst it is such a clear memory, it also feels like a lifetime ago.

“I have never felt better than I do right now. I’m also financially so much better off too. I used to smoke 8-10 cigarettes every day for 12 years, so I’ve been able to work out that by quitting I have not smoked 23,640 cigarettes and saved around $94,560.

“I truly believe the reason I was able to quit smoking is because of the members on the Quit Support forum. I documented by whole journey on the forum and every post was met with support and encouragement.

“I remember writing a post six days and 12 hours into my quit smoking journey (so half a day away from my first week smoke free). At that time, a week without cigarette felt impossible. I didn’t think I could ever live a day without smoking because my life was too stressful. But I did it and here I am now nearly five and a half years still succeeding and reaping the benefits.

It was amazing to be talk to people who had either gone through it or were trying to quit like me. I struggled with insomnia a lot but felt reassured that it would pass because others had experienced it too.

“It was the same with putting on weight. In those early days of quitting, I would eat a lot more than normal. My tummy felt full, but my mouth wanted to chew something all the time! Again, my fellow quit supporters gave me the reassurance I needed, and I felt happy despite gaining weight. I’d rather be chubby than addicted!

“I look back now and think ‘Why didn’t I quit sooner?’ but there’s no point in thinking like that. Those first few months are hard but hang in there. It gradually gets easier and before you know it you won’t even miss it.

“I used to ask people to not smoke around me because I was afraid I’d get tempted again. But now, it doesn’t even bother me. Instead I just focus on the benefits – and there’s so many.

“My lips and gums are pinker, teeth whiter and hair shinier. My skin feels good too, I sleep better than before, and the weight I put on has come off again! I also noticed how it affects your mental and psychological health. It makes you more resilient because if you love yourself enough to give up an addiction, you can do and achieve anything!”