5th December 2022

Zaptec partners with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to power all-electric lung screening van

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Zaptec UK has partnered with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to help aid our vital community engagement work, which includes supporting the NHS England roadshow, ‘Let’s Talk About Lung Cancer.’

Over the next twelve months Zaptec will sponsor a zero-tailpipe-emission electric van, which the charity will also use in its community engagement work, which aims to spark positive conversations around lung cancer, raise awareness of its symptoms, and where applicable, encourage participation in the targeted lung health check programme. 

Charged overnight by the safe and powerful Zaptec hero charger, the Pro, the all-electric van will be supported by co-sponsor Virtus Energy. The programme promotes the importance of healthy lungs and the crucial need for early detection through screening, which is a core element of our mission.

The van will operate alongside NHS England’s targeted lung health check programme, in which people aged 55 to 74, who have a history of smoking, are invited by the NHS to attend a simple health check.

Lung cancer is a heart-breaking disease that can affect anyone. We are proud to be partnering with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and our co-sponsor Virtus Energy to support this early detection and education programme.

As part of our support, the charity’s engagement activities, as well as the ‘Let’s Talk About Lung Cancer’ roadshow, will be powered by the industry-leading Zaptec Pro electric vehicle charger. Safe, fast and efficient, it will give the team plenty of range to move their equipment from site to site. With air quality high on the public health agenda, using a zero-tailpipe-emission vehicle also emphasises the need to cut transport emissions with cleaner alternatives. We want the world our children inherit to be cleaner and safer than the one we received; our charging technologies are playing a part in enabling that vision.

Guy Haydon, Managing Director at Zaptec UK
front of electric van
back of electric van

Given the negative impact of petrol and diesel tailpipe emissions on public health, the decision to use an electric vehicle helps to highlight the need for zero-emission mobility and transport solutions.  This aligns closely with Zaptec’s vision for air quality and creating a cleaner, safer world for the next generation. The van features a new livery celebrating the partnership between Zaptec UK, Virtus Energy and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, with important messages about lung health and lung cancer detection.

The air we all breathe is a vital resource, and its quality is too often overlooked. We know that air pollution, especially of the type generated by conventional petrol or diesel engines, can pose a major risk to our lung health. So, this wonderful new vehicle will help us – literally – to drive our messaging: anyone who has lungs can get lung cancer. Our air quality matters, we must do all we can to protect and improve it. As Roy Castle himself put it, it’s for our children and our children’s children. We are therefore delighted to engage in this partnership with our sponsors, Zaptec UK and Virtus Energy, and we thank them for their generosity.

Paula Chadwick, Chief Executive of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation