10th October 2023

4 incredible reasons to take part in Swimming the Distance this year

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Lung cancer awareness month is just around the corner and with it comes an amazing swim challenge that you can take on anywhere and at your own pace throughout November. Tackle a distance of your choosing, earn swag and smash your fitness goals with Swimming the Distance. There are three incredible goodies up for grabs:

  • FREE swim bag when you sign up
  • A medal on completion (if you fundraise £80)
  • An exclusive charity hoodie when you fundraise £130 or more

But if these don’t sway you, read on to discover motivational stories and four remarkable reasons to spur you on!


The beauty of Swimming the Distance is you can make it as hard as you like. You might not be a swimmer, but that’s completely fine! You can cater this challenge to your own abilities in the water. Whether that’s setting yourself a distance you’re comfortable with or pushing yourself further and going the distance. 

What’s more, everyone can get involved and earn our THREE exclusive gifts. Take for instance our 2021 challenger Poppy. She was just 9 when she signed up! And what made her fundraising story even more incredible was that she is a blind wheelchair user BUT that did not stop her from smashing 65 lengths (just over a mile) in the pool.

Not only did she receive her exclusive medal, but she earned her Brownie charity badge and honoured her Grandma who died from lung cancer. 

Swimming was no easy feat for Poppy but she rose to the challenge and we couldn’t be prouder to have a little legend like her fundraising for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

If Poppy can do it, then so can you!


This challenge is your ticket to an exciting aquatic adventure and the best part? You’re in control of just how exhilarating it can be. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or a casual water enthusiast, this challenge is designed to be flexible for everyone. You can set a distance that matches your comfort level or dare to push yourself further – the excitement is boundless!

Kate Bentley, a Specialist Lung Cancer Nurse, took on the Swimming the Distance challenge and completed a jaw-dropping 450 lengths, all on her own terms. Kate fearlessly embraced the icy waters of open swimming and the lanes at her local pool, making this challenge uniquely hers while raising an impressive £450 in the process!

“Designing the challenge around me was perfect, it meant I could do the challenge however and whenever I want whilst choosing a distance that meant something to me.

What sets Swimming the Distance apart from other challenges is its incredible flexibility. You’ve got the entire month of November to tackle this thrilling challenge and the best part? You choose the time and place that suits you. Keep track of the lengths and distance swam, and then dive right back in the next day, after work, or even during the weekend – the excitement and adventure are entirely up to you!


Who can resist the joy of a refreshing swim and a splash of excitement? Get ready for the most inclusive challenge around, Swimming the Distance! It’s a challenge open to all ages and abilities with a chance for everyone to earn our exclusive swimming bundle. Take the plunge with your friends, family and children and join people like Zacharia.

Zacharia embarked on his Swimming the Distance challenge with the goal of raising a modest £50. But what happened next was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to his unwavering dedication, he managed to secure a whopping £750 in total! That’s not all – Zacharia swam an astounding 10 miles, and he was so enthralled by our challenge that he decided to take on even more. With each swim, he added more badges, medals, and certificates to his ever-growing collection of achievements. Talk about turning fundraising into an unforgettable adventure!

But wait, there’s even more fun to be had! Throughout the month, you can share your progress, capture those memorable moments in pictures, and exchange insights within our vibrant Facebook community group. Plus, brace yourself for some thrilling extra competitions and prizes that are up for grabs!


When you take on this challenge, you’re not just setting out on a personal adventure; you’re also unlocking a treasure trove of exclusive gifts and prizes. These rewards are a testament to your dedication and commitment to making a positive impact.

In 2019, Kerrie faced a life-changing diagnosis, but she refused to be defined by it. Drawing strength from her support system and online resources, she embarked on a mission to not just survive but thrive while living with lung cancer. To elevate her journey, Kerrie embraced the invigorating Swimming the Distance challenge, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. She emerged from the experience feeling fitter and more vibrant than ever, showcasing the incredible rewards that can come from resilience and determination.

Plus, it’s not just about personal achievement; it’s about creating positive change in the lives of those affected by lung cancer. Every pound you raise goes directly toward supporting nurses, patients, and crucial research programs. So, when you participate in Swimming the Distance, you’re not just taking a dip in the pool – you’re making a tangible difference while enjoying the rich rewards that come with it. Your involvement is both fulfilling and impactful!