Swimming the Distance

Swimming the Distance

Free to enter Optional fundraising: £0 - £130
United Kingdom

Become part of our swimming community by taking on our legendary swim challenge during Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

It doesn’t matter if you’re more Michael Fish than Michael Phelps; this challenge is open to all ages and abilities. It’s easily adaptable and allows you to set your own personal target.

  • Simply, choose your distance.
  • You’ve then got the WHOLE of November to complete it.
  • You can complete your challenge in a pool, in open water, or both!

Fundraise and earn some incredible new swimming merch

Our challenge wouldn’t be the same without the amazing gifts up for grabs!

We know swimming in November isn’t top of many people’s to do list (especially in open water bbbrrrrrrrrrr!) so how about we sweeten the deal with this brand new swimming merch.

  • Get a FREE swim bag when you sign up
  • Raise £80 and you’ll earn yourself our new (and very sparkly) medal
  • Raise £130 and you’ll bag an exclusive charity hoodie – perfect to chuck on post swim!

The easiest way to fundraise during your challenge is to set up a Just Giving page, and then share with your friends, family and colleagues. The monies raised will be sent directly to the charity without any fuss.

(Please note, the medal and hoodie will be sent out at the end of the challenge to minimize cost on postage)

How the challenge works

Simply choose the distance best suited to you and fill out the form below to complete your registration.

All that’s left to do is swim to your target before the end of November.

Suggested Distances (based on a 25m pool):

  • 1 mile – 64 lengths
  • 5 miles – 320 lengths
  • 10 miles – 640 lengths
  • 20 miles – 1,280 lengths
  • Marathon (26.2 miles) – 1,687 lengths
  • Swim a distance of your choice

Sign up below and then check out the 4 reasons you should take part, featuring stories from our past participants!

Once you’ve signed up and chosen your distance, you will also receive access to our Facebook Swimming the Distance community group. This will be filled with our participants taking part in the challenge, where you can share, engage, support, and encourage your fellow partakers.

(We will send this link to you after registration)