Swimming the Distance

Swimming the Distance

Free to enter Optional fundraising: £50 - £100
30th November 2022 United Kingdom

Swim towards success for Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

What is Swimming the Distance?

Swimming the Distance is a challenge open to all ages and abilities. Simply register for free, pick the distance you would like to complete and head down to your local swimming pool (or open waters if that’s your thing!) at a time that suits you.

Meet Kerrie, supporter, second year swimming the distance champion and incurable lung cancer patient! Watch her reasons for taking on the Swimming the Distance challenge.

What’s up for grabs…

As an added bonus, this year we’re giving you the chance to earn FOUR amazing gifts.

Our exclusive Swimming the Distance bundle could be yours, all you have to do is…

  • Sign up to receive your FREE t-shirt
  • Raise £50 for your branded swim cap
  • Raise £80 for your branded towel
  • Raise £100 for your medal

Fill in the form below to enter the Swimming the Distance challenge. Every time you reach your fundraising milestone through your Just Giving page, we’ll send you each of the items for you to wear with pride in and around the pool.

Please note that the swimming cap, towel and medal will be sent at the end of November once the challenge has ended. For more information, please email

How it works

It is very simple to take part, all you have to do is choose your distance, and the period of time you will complete your challenge.


  • 1 mile – 65 lengths
  • 5 mile – 325 lengths
  • 10 miles – 650 lengths
  • 20 miles – 1,300 lengths
  • Create your own distance

Once you’ve decided on the distance, it’s time to give yourself the goal of completing the challenge. This year, we’re encouraging everyone to complete the challenge throughout November to help mark Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Find out more about Lung Cancer Awareness Month and our current campaign, ‘On the Right Path.’

Why take part?

Setting yourself a challenge can be the best way to reach a goal. This can help keep you motivated, focused and maybe even go above and beyond what you thought you were capable of. We’re here to support you & ensure you reach that goal successfully!

We understand life is complicated and often busy. With Swimming the Distance, you can make this challenge fit your own schedule easily by selecting your own distance and time limit that best suits you.

We want this challenge to be an extension of your passion for swimming. Join others across the UK all taking part. Share your progress, pictures and swap tips in our Swimming the Distance Facebook community.

Not only do you have the opportunity to receive some amazing gifts, you’ll also be supporting our patients and families affected by lung cancer along the way.