14th December 2022

7 reasons to join our 31-day mindfulness challenge this January

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We’re in the eye of the storm of the Christmas season and the endless lists of jobs doesn’t seem to be shortening.  

Yes, the festivities are rolling, the happy times are coming but there’s still a couple of gifts to get, presents to wrap and the fear of the final Christmas food shop is settling in. The urgency to get everything done and make it all perfect often means you’re not focusing on you.  

That’s why we want you to join us this January for our brand-new mindfulness challenge, Space to Breathe and give yourself the gift of time.

Throughout the month, we will be sharing daily videos on our Facebook group from Wild Warrior Women who will guide you through daily yoga, breath work and meditation techniques. It’s a fantastic way to give your body and mind the time it deserves. But if you need further convincing, here are 7 reasons why you should sign up to our January challenge.  

1. Feeling physically stronger 

Through repeated strength building sequences, your body will start to become stronger. The techniques provided by Wild Warrior Women will increase your core strength and help improve your balance and coordination. 

2. Reduction in stress 

Wild Warrior Women will be sharing her meditation techniques that will help reduce your stress levels and teach you how to let go of the little things that you can’t control.  

It’s a mindset that you can carry on practising long after our challenge ends, allowing you to accept and manage the stressful times whenever they may arise. 

3. Increase flexibility 

Yoga is all about small movements and stretches with a focus on posture that when regularly exercised, results in better flexibility and mobility.  

The movements help open up tight and tense muscles without being too strenuous and within weeks, regularly taking part can increase your range of motion. 

4. Better night’s sleep 

As a physical exercise, yoga will tire your body which will promote a deep sleep that allows your mind and body to recuperate from the day’s activities.  

Yoga also quiets the mind which aids with stress release that can help you fall asleep more quickly and for longer. 

5. Improved concentration 

Meditation, breath work and yoga are all in the moment activities that keep you in the present. With practice this will transition to your everyday life as you focus on the important task at hand and let all less important tasks fade away.  

6. Improved wellbeing  

With the use of breathing exercises and taking even just 15 minutes a day to give to yourself, can help you gain a better sense of understanding and control in your life.  

Giving yourself the gift of time can help you have a better outlook on life and look to the future more calmly as you take what you learn from your mat to real life.  

7. Be welcomed into a community 

The Space to Breathe challenge is more than joining up and taking part, you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow challengers, share your progress, ask questions and connect with those also on the same mindfulness journey.  

A likeminded community is just at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for our Space to Breathe challenge and enter 2023 with a new calming outlook.  

Give yourself Space to Breathe 

The Space to Breathe challenge is exclusive to Facebook with videos shared by Wild Warrior Women on our closed Facebook group.  

The challenge is free to register, with all those signed up receiving a free t-shirt. We’ll also be giving you the opportunity to reach fundraising goals and earn the official Space to Breathe merch., so forget the hectic haze of Christmas and give yourself a refreshing start this January.