19th July 2022

Bozena’s fundraising story

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“This charity doesn’t just help people who are living with lung cancer, but it also helps those who suffer from a broken heart.”

Moving words from Bozena Vykoupilova who, after losing her beloved mum to lung cancer, has been fundraising for our charity through various activities such as a sponsored walk, and the Swimming The Distance Challenge.

This year, Bozena took on her bravest challenge yet – a freefall skydive in memory of her mother and in support of the 48,500 people who are diagnosed with lung cancer every year.

She said, “I have skydived before, in 2009 I believe, but the purpose was very different. This time, the reason to jump was much stronger and much more meaningful.

“Since I was a child (and even more now) I’ve believed that angels live in the clouds. I wanted to be closer to mum and believe it or not, I had no fear whatsoever when jumping off the plane because I knew she was there, “dancing with me in the sky”. 

The feeling was incredible. I felt reconnected and I loved every second of that indescribable sensation!

“Thanks to my amazing friends, family and colleagues, I managed to raise £575 to help Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. I didn’t just lose my mum, I lost my best friend, so I hope that the funds I’ve raised will help support other families who are going through what my family and I went through.

“Sadly, I didn’t know about Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation until after losing mum. I found the charity out of desperation as I had a lot of unanswered questions. They are amazing and fundraising for them has helped me throughout my grievance and acceptance.

“Supporting Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation makes me believe that I can help others and make mum proud.”