11th January 2024

Ellen and Jessica’s Kiltwalk Challenge

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In 2021, the holiday season took an unexpected turn for Ellen when her father, Kevin, received a mesothelioma diagnosis. The initial prognosis painted a grim picture of their limited time together. However, through a combination of medical interventions and the positive impact of immunotherapy, the family was granted an additional, precious year with him.

Despite Ellen and her daughter Jessica savouring every moment with their father and grandfather, the emotional weight of his passing a year later caught them off guard, leaving an empty place in their hearts

Honouring Kevin’s memory

During the challenging period surrounding her father’s passing, Ellen, who works for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, faced the profound impact of his loss. Determined to honour his memory, Ellen and Jessica decided to conquer the Kiltwalk challenge – fundraising a giant £1300 along the way!

Opting for the 3-mile Kiltwalk challenge, the dynamic duo completed the route in just under an hour and proudly received their well-deserved medals at the finish line! They had an incredible experience walking the scenic Kiltwalk route, filled with Kiltwalk mascots and lively music to spur them on.

Through sharing their story on social media, utilising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, they received amazing support from a network beyond close friends and family.

“We joined a huge party at the finish line with free snacks and music – it was an amazing atmosphere. I have never felt so proud, Jess was over the moon and took her medal into school to show her teacher and friends.”

The Kiltwalk is Scotland’s largest mass participation walking event with over 120,000 people taking part since 2016. The event takes place at different locations and is a challenge for people of all abilities. For Ellen and Jessica, the Kiltwalk was a way to pay tribute to their dad and grandad, whilst also taking part in a memorable challenge that had them taking in the amazing views that Scotland has to offer. 

The Kiltwalk is great fun. We did the shortest walk which was 3 miles and we took in some lovely views of Loch Lomond. There was such a fantastic atmosphere and buzz and we loved every minute, so much so that we are doing it again next year! It was a wet day but it didn’t stop anyone, I would say just dress accordingly!”

Thanks to the courage and strength of Ellen and Jessica, the funds they raised for their Kiltwalk challenge will help hundreds of patients living with lung cancer.