Roy’s Runners

Roy’s Runners

Registration fee: Free No minimum sponsorship
United Kingdom

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation are the only UK lung cancer charity dedicated to helping everyone affected by the disease.

By supporting us in any of our running activities or undertaking your very own challenge you’re helping to raise vital funds that support all those affected by lung cancer. Everything we do, from research to supportive services is possible because of people like our Roy’s Runners.

Roy’s Runners are a community of like-minded people who represent Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in runs & races around the world.

Our Roy’s Runners are a group of over 3,000 runners of all abilities, working towards one goal – to support those living with lung cancer.

And we would love for you to join us.

Becoming a Roy’s runner:

If you’d like to join our community of Roy’s Runners, you’ll enjoy all the usual support we give to anyone running for us, but without the pressure of a specific fundraising target. In return for agreeing to raise what you can you’ll receive:

  • An invitation to our closed Facebook group. Our Roy’s Runners share their journeys, tips and advice. They offer motivation & encouragement when it’s needed most. This group really is a friendly and heart-warming community.
  • Option to purchase a Roy’s Runners running vest to represent Roy Castle during training or race day itself.
  • Fundraising advice & support.

We hope you can join our team of Roy’s Runners. We really appreciate your support & look forward to finding out more about your race plans for 2023.

For more information, email sport@roycastle.org or fill in our enquiry form below and a member of our team will get back to you.