20th November 2023

Lung cancer charity launches partnership with patient-favourite travel insurance provider

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Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation has launched a new partnership with travel insurance provider, Insurancewith, to help those with lung cancer find fairer holiday insurance.

Insurancewith consider travel insurance for everyone, including people living with all stages of lung cancer. They ask questions which are relevant to you and your condition. This allows them to consider travel insurance cover at an appropriate price for cancer patients, even those with advanced lung cancer and those who may have struggled to find a policy elsewhere.

The partnership came about following a recent episode of our Let’s Talk about Lung Cancer podcast where patients Jules Fielder and Nick Whitehead were talking about the hurdles people with lung cancer can face when going on holiday.

It was no surprise that the chat quickly turned to the topic of travel insurance and how unaffordable many policies are. Jules, who is living with stage 4 lung cancer, talked about her positive experiences with Insurancewith and how they took the time to properly understand her condition and looked at the actual risk instead of the perceived risk associated with her condition.

“Shortly after my diagnosis, I searched for a family holiday but when I saw the cost of insurance, my heart broke and I thought I would never travel again,” recalls Jules. “Fortunately, I was pointed in the direction of Insurancewith and have never looked back!

I have travelled a lot over the past two years and each time got affordable travel medical insurance cover from Insurancewith. They really understand my condition and I think this comes from the company’s founder, Fiona. Having had cancer herself who couldn’t get travel insurance, she made it her mission to evolve the knowledge of underwriters so people with cancer can travel.

Jules Fielder, living with stage 4 lung cancer

Listeners took note and Insurancewith reached out to say they had seen an increase in quotes following the episode and that they would like to support our charity. Insurancewith will now make a donation to the charity for every policy sold through the unique Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Insurancewith online quote form.

Paula Chadwick is the chief executive of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation:

“We like to partner with companies who share our values. This is certainly the case for Insurancewith.

Far too often we speak to people with lung cancer who are unable to take a much-needed holiday because of the cost of travel insurance. The feedback we’ve had from patients about Insurancewith however, have been extremely positive.

“Insurancewith ask questions which are relevant to you and your condition so they can accurately assess your personal circumstances, provide you with a fair premium, and offer you better support in an emergency situation abroad.

“It appears a very personalised service, rather than a standard black and white approach and its because of that that we are delighted to now be one of their charity partners. Together, we can help people with lung cancer.”

Fiona Macrae, founder of Insurancewith said: “We are so pleased to launch our partnership with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – and during lung cancer awareness month too.

Following my own experience of cancer, I know just how important charities like Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation are, and I am delighted we are able to give back in this positive way.

Insurancewith will now make a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for every policy taken out via its unique online quote form.

Insurancewith has also sponsored an upcoming episode of the Let’s Talk about Lung Cancer podcast.