When you have lung cancer, it can be difficult to find affordable travel insurance. It’s one of the most common questions asked on our forum. For some people, the cost of their travel insurance can actually be more than the price of their holiday! This often means people with lung cancer cannot get the much needed break they so desperately deserve.

We are proud to partner with travel insurance provider, Insurancewith who believes the cost of your travel insurance policy shouldn’t stop you going on holiday.

Insurancewith consider travel insurance for everyone, including people living with all stages of lung cancer. They ask questions which are relevant to you and your condition. This allows them to consider travel insurance cover at an appropriate price for cancer patients, even those with advanced lung cancer and those who may have struggled to find a policy elsewhere.

Insurancewith truly understand how hard it is for people living with illness to obtain travel insurance. The declared medical questions are pointed for an individual’s health issue and not generalised like some other insurance companies.

G. Moore via Trustpilot

If a quote can’t be offered straightaway, they will talk to you about the reason why and then the best time to call back for a quote when they may be able to offer cover. 

What’s more, when you purchase a policy through Insurancewith, they will make a donation to us – at no added cost to you (just make sure you complete the form on the unique Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Insurancewith page!)

Who are Insurancewith?

Insurancewith was founded in 2007 by insurance professional, Fiona Macrae, who was unable to find affordable travel insurance after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fiona wanted to create an insurance company that looked beyond the black and white of a cancer diagnosis, a policy provider who takes into account a thorough understanding of your medical situation.

By doing this, Insurancewith is able to accurately assess your personal circumstances, provide you with a fair premium, and offer you better support in an emergency situation abroad.

This insurer is a genuine insurer for people with medical issues. My wife has lung cancer and I would say all the others only looked at her diagnosis instead of her condition. The other insurers wanted £1100 but Insurancewith was so much lower because they asked so many questions to understand her condition and gave us a reasonable quote which we gladly accepted. They are more difficult than just filling in an online firm but so so worth the effort.

Alan, via Trustpilot

Rated Excellent on TrustPilot, it’s no wonder why people with lung cancer regularly recommend Insurancewith. They speak very highly of the service they receive and the sensible cover and cost they are quoted.

Applicants are guided through a unique medical screening system to ensure they look at the actual risk instead of the perceived risk associated with the condition.

Who can use Insurancewith?

Insurancewith specialise in providing affordable travel insurance for people with medical conditions, like lung cancer.

However, anyone looking for travel insurance can get a quote – and support Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation at the same time!

Our partnership

Insurancewith not only provide reasonable travel insurance, they also provide support to charities like us.

When you buy your holiday insurance through Insurancewith via our unique charity partner page, they will make a donation to our charity.

Insurancewith is a trading name of Travel Insurance Facilities Plc, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.