31st March 2023

Meet your choreographer – Jo Scanlan

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Time to Tap is back and with that, a brand-new, fabulous host, Jo Scanlan!

Co-creator of the incredible Tap Attack, Jo is a team GB coach who has performed and taught tap all over the world. Having trained in various dance styles since the age of 8, tap has brought Jo into a world of opportunity, and Tap Attack have even appeared on Britain’s Got Talent!

From renowned performances to teaching future tappers, Jo is joining us for our annual fundraising event to give you a tap dance experience like no other.

What I love about tap dance is all ages and abilities can do it together. Time to Tap is a great opportunity to bring dancers from all over the country together and do what they love.


We caught up with Jo ahead of the Time to Tap launch:

How do you put together your tap dance routines?

I always start with the music, I love music that makes me feel good. I then tend to tap wherever I am (even though I have a studio!) and start playing around with steps.

How do you make sure all abilities can take part?

I’ve always taught all levels of tap dancers, so I offer options within the routine I’m working on to make it harder or easier (and I’ll do the same for our Time to Tap routines)!

I also never want dancers to feel pressured, even if they understand just one step – that is an achievement! When learning, I think it’s important to take it at your own pace as all dancers learn differently.

What do you love most about dancing, and what’s your favourite style of dance?

As you may guess I am going to say tap! But I love other styles of dance still, I think dance has developed so much over the last 10 years and creatively some of the pieces I watch just blow my mind. Dance is the best way to express yourself and I love the storytelling aspect and that happens in every style.

What would you like this year’s Time to Tap to help achieve?

For dancers to come together and have fun but feel like they have achieved something. I can’t wait to see it all come together!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Roy Castle’s Tour of Hope and sadly, his death. Do you have any memories of Roy?

I have really fond memories and he has been such an inspiration to me. I remember as a child watching Record Breakers, and when I was asked to do my first Guinness World Record I was so excited and thought of him!

Also, some of my dancers were lucky enough to be a part of the closing of the BBC TV centre and they recreated Roy’s famous largest tap dance group. See the recreation below!