22nd April 2022

Remembering Brian Dumbleton

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Brian Dumbleton from Coventry was one of the many people who shielded during the coronavirus pandemic. One of his daughters, Hayley, got in touch recently to share her heartfelt thanks to our support services team for their continued check ins with her father throughout the unsettling couple of years of the pandemic.

“My dad, Brian Dumbleton, was a hardworking family man; so selfless and loved by many. He was a carpenter by trade and always worked incredibly hard. He lost his beloved wife, our mum, in 2014 to ovarian cancer – they were childhood sweethearts. After Mum died, Dad was heartbroken but always stayed positive, putting his family first and continuing to be a great dad.

Two years later in 2016, he received some devastating news that he had lung cancer and went on to have an operation to remove the lung. He was so poorly; it broke us as a family seeing him go through a big operation. Things were touch and go; dad went back into theatre twice on the day of his surgery.

Thankfully, Dad then came out on top and got stronger. Until unfortunately the lung cancer returned, and he started on treatment to keep him stable.

Dad lived for his family, here he is with his two great grandchildren, Aivah and Darcee.

Dad being dad stayed positive throughout all of his illness. Sadly in 2021, he passed away on 2nd November. He was nursed at home by the NHS palliative care team and his youngest daughters and son were by his side when he passed away peacefully at home aged 76.

Forever grateful

Throughout his lung cancer journey, Dad was in touch with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

He had attended a lung cancer information day in Leicester back in 2019. Then when the coronavirus pandemic started, Dad utilised the charity’s Keep in Touch service. He always looked forward to the phone calls and spoke regularly to Graeme from the Lung Cancer Information and Support Services (LCISS) team up in Glasgow.

Dad wanted to go up to Scotland to thank everyone when he was well enough, but never got that chance. So, I’m here to do that for dad.

Our family will be forever grateful to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, the LCISS team kept him going. Just a simple phone call made him so happy, giving dad the chance to speak with someone other than family.

I remember one of the days I walked into dad’s house as he answered the phone, he was so happy – laughing and smiling throughout the call, I just knew it was you guys from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

The care and compassion the team showed my dad was extraordinary. 

The day before he passed, I answered the phone. Dad couldn’t talk but I saw him raise an eyebrow when I put the phone to his ear for Graeme to speak to him. It was lovely and just showed how much dad appreciated those calls with Graeme and the team.”