4th April 2022

Sandra’s fundraising story

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Sandra Hobson from South Cave, East Yorkshire, has been a tap dancer for over 40 years. This will be her third year taking part in our virtual tap dancing fundraiser in memory of her dad, George, who passed away in 1989 aged just 58 years old. Here, Sandra shares her reasons for taking part in this year’s Time to Tap, taking place next month.

“My mam, Audrey, was a tap dancer at her youth club when she met my dad – so the tap dancing bug ran through me from an early age. In 1980 when I was 24, I joined an adult tap class in Hull and met some lovely friends who I am still in touch with today. We took all the IDTA Adult Tap exams and in 2000, we took the Tap Adult President’s Award. 

We put on a show nearly every year and we have taken part in dance heats in Barnsley and Manchester – I remember Mam and Dad coming to see me in a show at the New Theatre, Hull and bringing me flowers. 

I have always liked tap dancing; I love the old black and white Fred and Ginger films, the Nicholas Brothers and of course, Roy Castle and his record breaking fastest tap dance.” 

Still tapping! Sandra taking part in our 2021 virtual tap event | Sandra at her first tap show in 1984, aged 28

My reason for fundraising

“Dad took early retirement at age 57 to enjoy his golf and days out with Mam. Unfortunately, while they were on holiday, Dad felt breathless and when they returned, he went for a chest x-ray and there was a shadow on his lung. 

In 1989 when he was 58 years old, Dad was admitted to hospital for surgery to remove one and a half lungs. He was in intensive care for about 2 weeks but then when he was put on a ward, he developed pneumonia and died. This was very sudden for us all as it was only about 3 weeks since his diagnosis – I was only 33 at the time.” 

Sandra and her family, Mam, Dad and brother Steven

“My hope for the future is that there be better and quicker diagnostics and treatment for lung cancer, as well as better survival rates; I know this is something that the charity are working hard to change and improve for future generations.”

The world of lung cancer has changed since we lost Dad and supporting Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is my way of paying tribute to him while helping to ensure fewer people experience the loss of a parent like I did.

This is my third tap fundraiser for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, I like taking part each year because it is a challenge for me. I have only recently given up my weekly tap classes with the adult tap group after 42 years, due to developing Morton’s neuroma in my feet seven years ago. So, I am very much looking forward to learning another dance – I love the music and the intermediate routine, I can’t wait to get started!

2022 is a special year; I’m 66 years old in May and will be retiring from work, it will also be our 30th wedding anniversary the day after Time to Tap day – so there’s a lot to look forward to!”