20th May 2022

Sarah’s fundraising story

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Tap-dancing-primary-school-teacher Sarah Lawrence is one of the hundreds of tap dancers taking part in Time to Tap this weekend. Here, Sarah shares her personal reasons for signing up to our annual tap-dancing fundraiser.

“When Dad died in 2016 from lung cancer, it left a huge hole in our lives.

Sadly, we didn’t know about Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation when my dad was ill. Since signing up for Time to Tap, I have read about the excellent work that the foundation does raising awareness, supporting people affected by lung cancer, and funding research into the disease.

I’ve been dancing since I was 2 and a half years old. I love any type of dancing but I’m particularly fond of tap. Dancing makes me happy. Watching a big tap number is always the highlight of any trip to the theatre for me!

Support from Dad

Dad was an incredible support to me in all aspects of my life. He watched me perform in many dancing shows and musical theatre shows. The last time my dad saw me perform in a show onstage was when I played a tap dance teacher in “Stepping Out – The Musical” a few months before he died.

I love my dad so much and miss him more than I can ever explain. Dad was a remarkable man. He cared so much about people. He was a teacher for over 30 years, eventually becoming Associate Headteacher. Although this was Dad’s full-time job, he was also a priest in the Church of England for more than 30 years. These dual roles required an enormous amount of commitment and dedication, and he touched many lives.

You might think that holding such responsible roles would mean that Dad was a very serious person, and he did indeed take his responsibilities very seriously, but one of my favourite things about Dad though was how deeply silly he could be and how much he made me laugh.

Dad often told my sister and I how proud he was of us. It always made me happy to hear this and I feel so proud to be his daughter.

Ahead of Time to Tap day

When I found out about Time to Tap, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to fundraise in Dad’s memory.

Some of the children at school have made me cards to wish me luck with the event, and to tell me that they are proud of me for raising money. One of the cards was particularly special as it was made by a child whose mum has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

I can’t believe I’ve raised £700 – I’m so grateful to all of the people who have sponsored me. There seem to be very few charities dedicated to fighting lung cancer, so I am proud to be raising money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation in memory of my dad.”

Sarah will be taking part in Time to Tap this weekend to fundraise in honour of her dad. To show your support, visit Sarah’s Just Giving page here https://justgiving.com/campaign/timetotap