Advice to carers

If you are looking after someone in an “at risk” group, you can reduce your risk by following the guidance on social distancing. This would include:

  • Avoiding public gatherings
  • Working from home, and
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel

You should also follow the handwashing and hygiene guidelines issued by the NHS.

If you develop any symptoms or are exposed to anyone who may have coronavirus, you should isolate yourself for seven days. During this time, you should avoid face‑to‑face contact with the person you are caring for. Speak to other family members, friends or social services and ask for some help.

If you are sharing a house with someone who is in an “at‑risk” group, this may make isolation more difficult. If it is practical to look at alternative living arrangements, this may be advisable. If not, then you should follow strict hygiene habits, and stay in different rooms of the house if possible.

One person at a time should use any communal areas (such as kitchen and bathroom) and everyone should use anti-bacterial wipes and other cleaning products in between each person using the areas and any equipment.