Stop smoking tips and advice

Quitting smoking can be hard. It can become part of your daily routine, which is why we’ve listed some of the best tips and advice we’ve found over the years we’ve been offering smoking cessation support.

  • Be positive! Look at things from a different angle – “You’re not giving something up – you are choosing not to do something.” You can do it. 
  • Change your routine. If the first thing you do in the morning is switch on the kettle and light up your cigarette, why not change your routine and drink juice or water instead of tea or coffee? Eat your breakfast first, get washed, get dressed, do exercise, have a healthy stretch.
  • Drink plenty. Sip plenty of water or fruit juice throughout the day. Orange juice is a good thing to drink as Vitamin C levels are more depleted as a smoker.
  • Avoid smoking environments, removing the temptation
  • Make use of support from friends and family. Think about sharing with your friends, family, parents or carers that you have quit, or will be quitting and ask those who do still smoke not to smoke by your or even offer you a cigarette.
  • If your friends smoke, get them to stop with you. This way you can support each other.
  • Remind yourself why you are quitting.
  • Think about the health benefits of quitting. Within 20 minutes of stopping your blood pressure and pulse rate will return to normal.
  • Think about how financially better off you are!
  • Take each day at a time; don’t think about fear of relapse! You have got this far, think of all the cigarettes you haven’t smoked.

If you do start smoking again, don’t worry. You haven’t failed. It takes most people several attempts before they go on to be completely smoke free for good. You have now improved your chances of success for next time!