Lung Cancer Connect

Our Lung Cancer Connect project is designed to improve support to people affected by lung cancer.

Throughout the pandemic, many patients did not have access to the same level of support as they may have done under normal circumstances. We worked hard to develop a wide range of online resources to ensure people had access to information most relevant to them, their diagnosis and their treatment.

Online and Telephone Support Groups

Run by skilled facilitators, these sessions will focus on increasing coping skills, managing during treatment, adjusting to life with lung cancer, and a range of topics designed to help you take the best care of yourself you can.

Digital Resource Library

We have a wide range of written and video content featuring clinicians, patients and professionals with experience in health and wellbeing that covers all aspects of diagnosis, treatment, surgery and living with lung cancer.

Patient Navigation Aid

A simple aid to provide a summary of your diagnosis and treatment plans, available in downloadable format and from lung cancer clinics.

Support and mentoring service

Offering training to those interested in providing support to others, we will then match mentors with people are adjusting to life with lung cancer and would like support from someone with a similar experience.

Online events

This will include webinars and live Q&A sessions with a range of healthcare professionals and people living with lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Connect will run alongside our existing support services including our Ask the Nurse helpline, online community and face-to-face services such as information days and support groups (when not affected by Covid-19 restrictions).

We know that lung cancer diagnosis has a psychological and practical impact on individuals and families and want to offer a wider range of support to help people adjust and manage as well as possible.

If you are interested in attending a phone or virtual group or would like to know more about Lung Cancer Connect, simply complete the form below and we will get in touch.