Tools and resources

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation has a number of pre-existing community engagement and marketing tools available to Trusts implementing a targeted lung health check.

Video content

Bill’s story

Bill is one of the patient’s diagnosed with early stage lung cancer through the Nottingham lung health check we funded in 2017 and 2018. He talks about how grateful he is to have been invited to this check.

Is lung cancer screening right for me?

Those deemed high-risk and invited for a CT scan will understandably feel scared. They are also likely to feel nervous about having a CT scan. This can all contribute to DNAs.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation funded researchers at University College London to create a infographical video explaining the pros and cons of CT screening for lung cancer, enabling patients to make an informed decision.

Patient stories

We have many existing patient films which may be suitable to use within community engagement activity. One of our most recent campaigns – Face your Face – featured 10 people living well with lung cancer. Some had been diagnosed early and had curative-intent treatment, whilst others are several years into a late stage diagnosis.

Liz was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer in 2013 and had curative-intent surgery

The campaign was in response to a earlier survey which found 1 in 4 people with potential cancer symptoms are too scared to go to the doctor. We wanted to dispel the belief that lung cancer is an instant death sentence and therefore you are ‘better off not knowing’.

Please contact Rachel Avery on rachel.avery@roycastle.org or 0333 323 7200 ext. 191 for more information about the patient films available.

Literature, leaflets and posters

Lung health check posters and leaflets
We designed a poster and leaflet for our own Nottingham lung health check. This can be adapted and personalised with each Trusts logo and the relevant details about its targeted lung health check.

Example flyer from our Nottingham project

Lung cancer literature

We have a wide range of literature available to lung cancer patients – from coping with a lung cancer diagnosis to managing symptoms as well as booklets for different types of treatment for lung cancer.

Visit our online literature library

Inspire magazine

Our latest edition of Inspire magazine features the targeted lung health check programme as well as stories of those living with lung cancer. These could be a suitable engagement tool for GP surgeries.

For more information about any of the pre-existing content available, or to discuss your bespoke content needs, Rachel Avery on rachel.avery@roycastle.org or 0333 323 7200 ext. 191 for more information.