Your basic bike maintenance guide

Our brand new challenge Sofa2Saddle will take you on an epic journey that will truly put your pedals to the test! During the eight week plan you’re going to be saddling up a number of times each week, which means your bike will need some TLC.

Taking care of your bike is essential to your safety. You need to make sure you’re doing regular checks on your bike and also know the basics of fixing any issues you might incur whilst out riding.

If you feel confident riding on the road or after a few weeks of being in the saddle what to try cycling on the road, please make sure you’re familiar with the highway code for cyclists.

For useful downloadable guides from comfort to maintenance to buying the right bike for you, please visit the Halfords website as they have a huge range of free guides to help you with all your bike essentials.

Alongside, downloadable guides, you can watch informative how-to guides from the official Global Cycling Network who have a wealth of knowledge about bike maintenance. Watch more below:

How to choose the right bike size
How to improve your bike position
How to make your bike feel more comfortable
How to fix a puncture
How to fix a puncture on the road

Knowing how to maintain your bike and fix small issues will ensure you’re fully prepared no matter what happens. Keep checking back on this page as you undertake the challenge to become more familiar with bike safety and maintenance.