Patient and Public Involvement Forum

The National Lung Cancer Audit (NLCA) is looking for 15 lung cancer patients to join their consultative group to provide support for the annual lung cancer audit.

The outcome will show how well people with lung cancer are being diagnosed and treated across the UK, Wales, Guernsey and Jersey.

Becoming a member

NLCA are looking for patients who have had lung cancer, survived lung cancer or are a friend/family member/carer to a lung cancer patient to join their advisory team.

The group will include a range of people who differ in diagnosis, treatment and lung cancer types to reflect different people affected by the disease in the UK. Members will be joined by clinical representatives of the NLCA Project Team and a representative of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

As a member NLCA will be looking to discuss a variety of topics relating to your lung cancer so they can effectively show the overall treatment of lung cancer patients. The team are looking for people who are confident in the following:

  • Discuss treatment, side effects and other issues from a patients perspective
  • Respect different viewpoints and engage with a diverse group inclusive of health care professionals
  • Have access to internet and confident using IT software, including email and PowerPoint.


  • Represent views of the patients
  • Provide insight from a patient experience
  • Input into the NLCA interpretation of the results
  • Shape the development of the NLCA’s quality improvement goals and activities.

For more information, download the NLCA’s advert and terms of reference.

To be part of the National Lung Cancer Audit, please email lciss@roycastle.org and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.