Facebook fundraisers

Many people are now asking friends and family members to make a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation instead of buying them a wedding gift or birthday present.

Facebook fundraisers
Birthday fundraisers are a great way to raise money and support people affected by lung cancer

Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook

It is really simple to set up a fundraiser for your birthday, wedding or any other celebration.

So. My birthday was the worst. No card or kisses from my mum. No lovely Lally to go for a walk with. But I look at the total donations with 2 days to go from you wonderful lot – just shy of 800 QUID and I feel lucky. To have you all in my life. To have known their love. To be able to face the future in good company. What a wonderful birthday gift. Thank you all

Garet, a supporter who asked friends and family to make a donation to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and raised nearly £800!

Once your fundraiser is set up, you can ask your friends and family to donate to it directly. Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation then receives all the donations and Facebook does not charge any fees.

Just Giving

Another option is to set up a Just Giving page. These pages are very easy to set up and for people to donate too.

You can also share any updates and upload pictures to thank your supporters and encourage more people to donate too!