Face your Fear virtual reality

Our virtual reality experience tells the story of Frank. He is displaying several potential symptoms of lung cancer but is fearful of going to the doctor, despite encouragement from his daughter. He is scared of what they might tell him.

Frank has symptoms of lung cancer but is too afraid to go to his doctor

The thing is, ignoring the symptoms of lung cancer will not stop you having it. Burying your head in the sand will only make things worse because diagnosis of lung cancer at an earlier stage is associated with better survival outcomes.

Enter the Face your Fear virtual reality

The Face Your Fear VR is available as a 360˚ film online – simply click the play button. If you’re using your phone, move it from side to side (or use your cursor if you are on a computer) for the full 360˚ view.

The Face your Fear virtual reality experience demonstrates the importance of early detection

Why Virtual Reality?

Cancer is the most feared illness among the public, and there is a particular stigma associated with lung cancer3. This makes it really challenging to engage the public in information about lung cancer.

But we won’t give up. We are continually looking at new and creative ways to communicate about lung cancer, which continues to be the leading cause of cancer death in the UK4.

This year we are embracing Virtual Reality (VR) – an emerging technology, and something not readily available for people to try out.

Visitors to our VR experience will be immersed in Frank’s world, where they will see, hear and feel like they can almost touch the characters. They will literally be face to face with Frank, watching as he faces his fear of lung cancer.

We hope this gives viewers a heightened awareness of lung cancer, its symptoms and the importance of early detection.