Lung cancer nurses

We were approached by lung cancer nurse specialist, Gilly Culshaw, to help support people affected by lung cancer on the Isle of Man. Since then, Gilly, has been instrumental in helping us become a formally registered charity on the island.

Lung cancer nurses
Lung cancer nurses are an important support for anyone diagnosed with lung cancer

A lung cancer nurse specialist is a vital ally for anyone diagnosed with lung cancer. They know the impact a lung cancer diagnosis can have. They know their way around the healthcare system and understand the options available. They can take a step back from the emotions shared within a family. They are qualified, experienced and professional. They can be a guide and a confidant.

Research has also shown patients with lung cancer live longer and cope better with treatment when cared for by a specialist nurse.

They found that patients with lung cancer nurse specialists not only had a lower risk of dying, but also had a lower risk of being admitted to hospital unnecessarily.

Gilly, and other lung cancer nurse specialists, play an essential role in all their patient’s lives.

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is pleased to be able to supply Gilly and the team with materials for her patients including information booklets about different treatments, practical advice to help manage symptoms and ways to live well with lung cancer.

Gilly also helped us raise awareness of lung cancer on the island during lung cancer awareness month (LCAM) last November. We provided extensive information about signs and symptoms and stories of people living with all stages of lung cancer.

In acknowledgement of all her hard work, we nominated Gilly as one of our 12 heroes of Christmas, an accolade that was highlighted on Manx Radio. Click here to read article.

We are very proud to be able to work with Gilly to help Manx people affected by lung cancer as well as provide much needed support for lung cancer nurse specialists.