LCAM digital toolkit

Help us raise awareness of lung cancer and the Spot the Difference campaign by sharing some of our campaign videos, banners and posters.

Launch video

Our Spot the Difference launch video features all our patients, their symptoms, potential causes / risk factors and the benefits of early detection.

Patient stories

We have a wide range of patient stories, many of whom had very different symptoms. The majority of patients featured in the campaign were diagnosed early, whilst others are living with late stage lung cancer.

Jackie Hugill

Changing cough

Paul Nicholson


Tracy Bourne

Recurrent chest infection

Richard Tunningley

Persistent cough

Lucy Woollard

Painful knees, cough

Nick Windsor

Shoulder pain

Becca Smith

Back pain

Karen Boniface

Painful joints, fatigue

Video available 22 Nov

Ruthra Coventry

Recurrent chest infections

Andrew Libby


Bill Culbard

Cough and wheeze

Michelle Gilliver

Back pain

Pat Tollady


Brian Gemmell

Clubbed fingers

Joe Crofts

Chest infections

Joanna Jonathon

Weight loss, breathlessness, cough

Nick Whitehead

Back pain, cough, coughing up blood

Symptoms videos

We have created nine short videos each focusing on an individual symptom of lung cancer.

Persistent cough


Weight Loss


Back pain


Coughing up blood

Shoulder pain

Social media campaign

Throughout November, we will be sharing photos of people with lung cancer both pre and post diagnosis on our social channels, similar to the the social media trend – How it started vs How its going. The aim of this activity is demonstrate the subtly of symptoms and that you can live well with lung cancer.

We encourage you to follow us on social and share these posts as much as possible, as well as your own, using the hashtags: #SpotTheDifference #lcsm

Treatment videos

We speak to oncologist, Dr David Gilligan, about the different treatments that are now available to people with lung cancer and the improvements that have been made over his 25-year career.

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy videos available 23 Nov

Lung cancer in minority communities

We will start to examine the diagnostic differences of lung cancer and cultural barriers within minority communities.

Dipti lost her father Keshu. I her story, she opens up about cultural beliefs and attitudes around cancer within BAME communities and the role she believes the younger generations can have in ensuring they have a different experience to hers.

Banners, posters and flyers

We have a selection of online banners, posters and flyers for you to download and share to raise awareness of lung cancer and the Spot the Difference campaign.

Spot the Difference poster
Symptoms poster
Traffic light symptoms flyer
Facebook banner