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If you’re on Twitter, or any social media platform, you can help us demonstrate the importance of screening by sharing our campaign assets. Simply click the image to download and share on social with the suggested copy. Or share your own experiences with the #needtoscreen.

On @BBCBreakfast, the incredible Cathy Brokenshire and Fiona Castle joined us to call for national screening for #lungcancer. Both Fiona and Cathy lost their husbands, Roy and James. Both want to stop other families going through the same heartbreak. Both know we #needtoscreen
Only 16% of people with #lungcancer currently survive for 5 years or more. Things need to change. We #needtoscreen for lung cancer
Imagine being able to give people more years of their life, more time with their family. This is what a national screening programme for lung cancer can do and why we #needtoscreen
Jeff. Gordon. Jo. Bill and many, many more lives have already been saved through lung screening pilots. Now we need national screening. Now we #needtoscreen for lung cancer
We are still waiting for the decision on #lungcancer screeening after public consultation closed on 8th June. Our #needtoscreen campaign highlights why screening for lung cancer is vital to saving lives www.roycastle.org/campaigns/need-to-screen

32% of people with #lungcancer are diagnosed through emergency presentation #needtoscreen
Swimmer. Hiker. Yoga enthusiast. It didn’t stop Jo being diagnosed with lung cancer #needtoscreen
Julie died just four months after she was diagnosed with #lungcancer after suffering with back pain for several months. #needtoscreen
Over a fifth – that’s right A FIFTH – of all cancer deaths are lung cancer deaths #needtoscreen
Ironically, Gordon had felt the best he had in years just before his diagnosis. He had no symptoms whatsoever #needtoscreen
We’ll never know if a #lungcancer screening could have helped Poppy’s grandma. We do know it could help thousands of others #needtoscreen
Lung cancer symptoms are hard to spot and often, in those very early stages, not even there. If we want to get ahead of lung cancer, we #needtoscreen
42% of people with #lungcancer are diagnosed at stage 4. Targeted lung health checks are diagnosing 77% of cancers at stages 1 and 2. Is it just us or is the answer staring us in the face? #needtoscreen
Jeff was fit and healthy when he was diagnosed with #lungcancer. He was playing football and going to the gym. He had quit smoking 8 years ago. Without the lung health check, his story could have been very different #needtoscreen
It’s never too late to start saving lives #needtoscreen