The HeadHigh calendar

As part of this year’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month campaign, we have produced the #HeadHigh calendar. These calendars have been sent to key health MPs, highlighting the diversity of lung cancer and to make them look into the eyes of the people they are failing.

January #HeadHigh Kay
February #HeadHigh Tom
March #HeadHigh Carol
April #HeadHigh Danny
May #HeadHigh Michele
June #HeadHigh Tom
July #HeadHigh Pat
August #HeadHigh Terry
September #HeadHigh Becky
October #HeadHigh Brian
November #HeadHigh Arlene
December #HeadHigh Graham
Back cover #HeadHigh Joanna

We believe the stigma surrounding lung cancer and its links to smoking is just a prejudice that obscures the real issues. It’s a way of avoiding having to deal with one simple truth:

Nobody deserves to die of lung cancer

We believe it is wrong that the cancer which kills the most people should receive less funding than others. Why is this happening? We think it’s largely down to this stigma and prejudice and we are trying to change that.