Still Here Poem

Inside we all stayed, so long we’re afraid
Any niggles or aches, we chose to downgrade.
But as everything transfixed on COVID-19
This lurked in the shadows, remaining unseen.

Lung cancer was given the gift of time
Denying so many the chance of a lifeline.
And now we’re in a worrying state
For this disease is not one to wait.

Already so silent, it strikes, and it snatches
Onto anyone with lungs, it happily latches
So, as everyone’s attention was diverted elsewhere
On more families it inflicted an unbeknown nightmare.

A cough, the symptom most commonly regarded
Is now even more quickly dismissed and discarded
Giving the disease, the time it desires
And the ability to cure succumbs and retires.

But under a shadow it can no longer stay
Already too many lives it has taken away.
Lung cancer must get the attention it deserves
Then there’s a chance to save and preserve.

We need to detect it as soon as can be
Before it has the chance to spread and run free.
It’s too late for us. But what about me?